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Derrick Forston

Derrick Forston, a native of Haines City, Florida, is the founder and owner of Second Chance Housing, LLC™, a housing program that offers clean and safe living environments to homeless adults. Prior to this, Derrick worked as a social worker and discharge planner in Kissimmee, FL, where he became aware of the limited housing options and poor conditions faced by discharged individuals. Motivated by this, he launched his first independent living facility in October 2018. Today, Second Chance Housing™, in partnership with Forston Consultants, operates numerous facilities across Florida. Derrick's extensive experience in mental health and substance abuse has driven him to not only provide housing but also share his knowledge and opportunities as a mentor and expert consultant for business owners, social service agencies, and community organizations looking to establish Independent Living Facilities® through Forston Consultants, LLC.

Otis Forston

Otis Forston is the founder of Noah's Ark Housing LLC, a program providing shelter for homeless adults. He has a social work degree from FAMU and previously worked in government roles. Otis was inspired by the homeless crisis and teamed up with his brother Derrick, founder of Second Chance Housing™, to start independent living facilities in Tallahassee. Noah's Ark Housing now has over nine facilities. Otis and Derrick founded Forston Consultants, LLC, to mentor and train others in operating independent living facilities, promoting the ethos of "each one, teach one" and doing good things (#DGT).

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